First Visit

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
– Lao-tzu

Initial visit generally last about 60 minutes. Your acupuncturist will take a detailed health history, perform a physical exam, and provide you with your unique treatment plan.

During your first exam, your acupuncturist will spend time getting to know you and your health concerns. You may be asked a wide range of questions about your symptoms, eating, exercise, sleep habits, emotional states and anything that may offer insight into your health.

Your practitioner will also employ diagnostic tools that are unique to acupuncture and TCM such as tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Your Treatment Plan

Once your acupuncturist has gathered enough information, you’ll receive a comprehensive diagnosis and a treatment plan that will explain:

  • Your underlying imbalances
  • Your time line of care
  • What types of treatment you will receive

Getting The Most Out Of Treatment

For the best treatment results, keep a few things in mind:

  • If you have a complicated medical history, please print it out and bring it with you
  • To save some time for your first visit, you can download and fill out the forms
  • Don’t eat a large meal before your visit
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes, avoid wearing tight pants or one-piece dresses
  • Refrain from exercise or alcohol for the rest of the day after treatment
  • Keep all of your appointments, as each visit builds upon the previous ones